Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Elisha's snow poem
The snow is like a whippoorwill,
Singing in the morning.
Falling softly to the ground,
The tears of our Lord mourning.

The snow is white like the blanket sheet,
On our comfy bed.
Glistening in the morning sun,
So bright it hurts my head.

The snow is cold like a ice cube block,
Melting in a glass.
Students walking through it,
Hurrying to get to class.

The snow brightens up the winter time,
Making things to do.
Snowball fights, Snowmen families,
And building a large igloo.

This is my first poem. I did it for school, and enjoyed every minute of it. I especially enjoy making Limericks. What was funny was that it all came to me in the first 5 seconds; so fast i had to write really fast so that i wouldn't forget it.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The McFarland Fantasy league newspaper

Ladybugs take lead with 8-0 win/loss ratio!
            After the end of week 8, the ladybugs still remain undefeated with an easy win over the ().  With their fantasy football star RB Devonta Freeman leading their team, the ladybugs are looking up to a potentially undefeated season. However, with the loss of their 2 string RB Matt Forte to an MCL pull, and Freeman loosing precious touchdowns, their season is looking bleak. The league manager, Elisha McFarland, was quoted saying: “The Ladybugs team has been a large surprise, especially since at the start of the year they were believed to be the worst team. Their team is very good, but now that Matt Forte is injured, it is believed to be possible to defeat them.” In week 8, the Ladybugs easily defeated 10th ranked JD’s Homies 175 to 131, giving them their 7th straight win in a row.  This week the Ladybugs are already off to an 18 point lead against 3rd ranked Chicago Blackhawks, due to the points given by Cincinnati Bengals’ Jeremy Hill and the Cincinnati defense, which triumphed over the Cleveland Browns in the NFL.
Week 8 matchups
Chicago Invincibles:  189
Thundering Herd:  170

Big Nose Bears:  134
WV Wildcats:  105

The Old Men:  185
The Chicago Blackhawks:  181

The Uganda Cranes:  153
The Buffaloes:  126

The Ladybugs:  175
JD’s Homies:  131

Uganda Cranes triumph over Buffaloes because of late game blunder!

The Uganda Cranes (5-3) triumphed  153 to 126 in a huge upset win because of Andrew Luck’s 26 points against the Carolina Panthers, and defeated the Buffaloes. However, the game would have been won by the Buffaloes if not for 3 Bye week starts, (2 RBs and a K) LeSean McCoy, DeMarco Murray, and Dan Carpenter. On the bench, RB Todd Gurley scored 40+ points, showing that if the Buffaloes had started even just Todd Gurley then the game would have been theirs. Also, this is a reminder to PLEASE CHECK YOUR LINEUP EVERY Tuesday AND FRIDAY, AND PLEASE SUB OUT BYE WEEK PLAYERS. Thank you.

Editors note: A bye week start is where a player whose team is not playing in the NFL that week does not play as well, and will not give any Fantasy points. Therefore it is advised to start another player in place of him. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A surprising accident

One night, we were playing a game with Papa and Brooke. The point of the game was to sneak           past the person that was ‘it’ in the pitch black house and make it to a base. The person that wants to get the other people can move obstacles in front of them to block them. If they hit the obstacles it       will make noise and he can get them. If you manage to sneak past him and get to the base, you           win. So as I was saying, we were playing this at night and were having a great time. Isaiah and           Elliana were ‘it’ and we knew that it would be hard because there are two of them. So we                   came up with a plan that Papa would make a distraction and we would make it to the base. We       snuck up as Papa yelled and started running around. The only bad thing was that we didn’t know that a stool that was one of the obstacles was in his way. He slammed right into it (He was on his knees) and fell down. We stopped the game and he got up and said, “Well, that was fun. I’m not hurt that bad.” He removed his hand from his forhead and it started dripping blood. He ran right into his room and asked mama if she knew anybody about stiches. We were so scared. We thought and whispered to each other, “Oh no. He’s going to have to get stiches.” We were freaked out! We knew that stiches on his forehead were going to be hard. We prayed and went to bed as our friends drove him to the hospital. We woke in the morning and there was Papa, smiling and greeting us cheerfully! On his head were strips to hold the wound together. We were happy but sad at the same time. We knew that he will have a scar. Thank God that he protected Papa from getting hit in the eye or the cheek. I am glad he didn’t get stiches. Praise God!    


A exciting trip to Kobwin

My dad had to go on a trip to a NHU branch in far north  of Uganda called Kobwin. I was really excited, because my brother and I were allowed to go too. We ate dinner early the day before, and went to bed early as well (or at least tried). We had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, pick up three other men, and make the 9 hour journey to Kobwin. It was hard, but we survived :)  After the harrowing drive, we finally made it. Finally! At last! The rocks and view were totally worth it. There were rocks that were over 50 feet high! Here is a picture of Noah standing next to one. The top was way above the view of the camera! 

A rock comparison

The 50 foot rock

Our house, car, and backyard from the top of a rock
There was no power at night, but we made due with flashlights and lanterns. Meals were small, but delicious, and were cooked by one of the family mothers there. We also got the opportunity to go to a special birthday party, have tea every night, and have some amazing north Ugandan food called Atapa. We stayed there for 4 days, and although we were supposed to stay for five, we decided to come home a day early, do some shopping, and surprise Mama. She was so surprised! She loved it, and she was able to enjoy us for an extra day! All in all, going to Kobwin was awesome!
-Elisha McFarland

Monday, October 19, 2015

My Pet Dog

               My pet is a dog. She is brown all over with soft brown eyes. She has floppy ears and                            beautiful fur. She is very pretty. She loves to chase cars and play with us. She is very                            protective and loving to us. She guards our house well. She barks when people come to                        warn us. My dog likes to lie outside and relax. She is the best dog every. She has a rough                    ridge on her back. She is a special type of breed called a Rodeisan Ridgeback. She loves                      children and loves us best of all.              
               I love my dog. I feed her and care for her. Without Mounty, my life would be dull. She is                    the best dog EVER!!!!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Psalm (NJ)

My Psalm

The LORD guides me, He leads me
He lays his life down for me.
He sacrificed himself for us
He loves us.
He protects my mind and my heart
He blesses me with so many things.
I love him and I serve him with all my heart
I will live eternally in heaven with him
Even when I take my last breath,
I will bless his name

Noah Jeremiah McFarland

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Discovery of Aldabran (by Elisha)

Well, I really like writing. That is for sure. I'm still learning and my dad keeps encouraging me to publish one of my stories. Here it is!

The discovery of Aldabran

Chapter 1: Discovery

Their names were Hadley and Jake Smith. They lived in the city of Miami, and were 12 and 10 years of age. They went to school, like normal children, ate like normal children, had normal names, and in all ways, seemed like normal children, except in one way, but they did not know it then. They did not know anything about what was to come.
            “Hadley, are you out of that shower yet? You are taking forever!” Jake said with frustration tinted in his voice.
            “Coming!” Hadley responded, and she opened the shower door. She was about to say, “Well, you aren’t one to talk. You take forever on the toilet!” when a wall of water slammed into Jake. “Whoa!” said Jake, almost falling down the stairs, which were right behind him. Hadley sat there, laughing.
            “That wasn’t funny!” Jake said, dripping wet and fuming. “I don’t even know how it happened.”
            “Yes it was. It was hilarious!” said Hadley, gasping for breath. She suddenly stopped and sobered when Jake made a fist at her. Jake brushed past her, still fuming, and walked over to the tub. He looked in the drain; nothing. He looked everywhere, and could not figure out what had made that wave.
            “Did you do that?” He asked, still wet.
            “No. What do you think did?” said Hadley, a smile still on her face. Jake looked at her, and saw genuine bewilderment written all over her face.
            “Alright, I believe you. But mom and dad won’t.”
            “We’re going to tell them?” Hadley said.
            “Of course, dumbbell. Why wouldn’t we?” he replied, a sneer on his face. He turned and walked into the shower, shouldering Hadley aside.
            Ten minutes later, he immerged, with dry clothes and combed hair.
            “Come on, let’s go.” He said, starting down the stairs.  Hadley immerged from her room in a white shirt and jeans, and joined him.
            They walked past the old living room, which had turned into an extra bedroom when their parents had had an extension built. They walked past the bathroom, and the den, and for Hadley, each step seemed to take forever. She knew she had been the one to splash Jake, but did not know how. She wondered if it was something that had just happened by chance, but deep down, she knew it wasn’t. She hoped that her parents would have answers.
            They got to the living room and saw their parents, who were in deep conversation. She was able to catch some of it:
            “I sensed it. Don’t worry, I am sure. If it happens now, though, that would not be good, especially now, what with him watching. .” Her mom said, but she stopped when she saw the children. Her father did not see them, and said, “Yes, that would not be good. If they are coming of age, then we must tell them so-. . .” but he stopped abruptly when his wife put a hand over his mouth, and motioned towards the children.  He saw them, and studied them, like a buyer studies a fish, or a merchant studies his wares. He stood up, and started to say something, but the words did not come out. While he searched for the words to say, Hadley studied him again, like the million times she had studied him before. Fred Christian was not a tall man, but not short, with wavy brown hair and a handsome face. His wife, Lydia, was not unpleasant to look at either. She was short and petite, with black hair and green eyes which seemed to bring out her hair color. Suddenly, her observation was cut off when her father finally managed to say something: “It’s time we all had a talk.” He said. Jake, who had not seemed to have heard the conversation between his parents, said, “We would like to talk with you too, dad.”
            “You would? Oh, well then let’s have a family conference.” He said, walking towards the dining room. Once there, the family all sat down, and their father said a word of prayer. Afterwards, the father started the conversation by saying, “Now, what is it you kids wanted to talk about?” Jake responded, saying, “We would like to know, are we ah, anything, special? Like, do we have things that we can do that others can’t?” This surprised Hadley. She knew that they were going to ask about, but she did not think about asking this way.
            “Children, before we say anything else, I would like to say that you are both special, and are both precious to me and your father.” Their mother said. The children nodded, and Hadley said, “Thanks mom.”
            “Now, to answer your question, we must tell you what we wanted to talk to you about, and then you will understand.” Said father
            “I was born in a different world. This world was different from this world because some of the people were special. They were called Specials, and they could control the elements: fire, water, earth, air, nature, and weather. I was a capable water controller, and when the Great War against the dragon came, I was asked to join the army. Now, this was an offer that could not be refused, so I joined. It was after the war that I met your mother, who was the most powerful water Special at that time.”
            “Oh, Fred, you stop that!” Their mom said, swatting his arm. Hadley’s dad only grinned, and continued to the imploring looks of his children.
            “It was later, after the war and after I married your mother that I met a man named Barnabus, who turned out later to be the gifted one, the man who can control all elements.
            “Uncle Barnabus, dad?” asked Hadley in a curious voice.
            “Yes. He married your great-aunt Jocelyn a few years later.” He said.
            “I knew it!” Jake said. “He always seemed to have that, well, aura of power around him. Was that how he saved me from that riptide at the beach that one time?”
            “Yes. That was also how he saved you from falling about three stories when you were a baby, too.”
            “No way!” Jake said. “So what happened aft- . . .” He stopped abruptly when his mom started looking about with wild eyes, and said in a whisper, “Fred! He’s here. I can sense him! He’s coming to the door!”
            “What! OK, kids, you go around back to the garage. There is a small button there. You remember the one you were not supposed to touch? Well, here’s your chance. Press it, and enter the tunnel that will open right after. It will lead you to a secret room. I want you to wait there for us. If we don’t come, then ask Wally what to do. He will tell y-. . .” he stopped when a loud crash was heard, and someone said in a deep voice, “I come!”
            Then, a BOOM, BOOM, BOOM was heard, and Hadley’s mother said, “The dragon himself!”
            “But how is he still alive? And how is he here?” asked Hadley’s dad.
            “I don’t know! But I am going to try to stop him!” said mother, and she raised her arms. A roar was heard from above, and Jake, who was about to run out the door to the garage said, “You hit him!” then he ran to the garage. Hadley followed, but looked up as she ran. There in the air, hung a huge, dripping dragon, with black scales and fire spewing from his mouth. He almost looked like a cloud, and somehow she knew that this was what he was making the neighbors think he was. He saw her, and grinned evilly. He growled, and a large number of smaller dragons detached from his scales and flew towards her. She then heard a FOOM and a large spout of water hit the dragons, throwing them far into the sky. Father! Mother then arrived out of the house and joined him, and together they made a huge spout that hit the dragon and threw him several hundred feet. She was elated. They were winning! Then suddenly, the tide turned. The dragon roared, and the shockwave knocked down her parents. Father got back up on her feet only to be blasted by a huge roaring inferno that came out of the dragon’s mouth. Hadley screamed! Suddenly, a huge hole opened up underneath her and she was swallowed into the earth’s belly.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A McFarland ruckus

A McFarland home ruckus
Today was a little interesting. I played soccer for the afternoon, until 5:30 came, and we all had to go. I did my chores, and went to talk to my dad for a bit. I really love talking with him; I feel like we see eye to eye. I talked for a bit with him over relationships and friends, and then went inside to shower. After a quick shower, I went to my room. Suddenly, I heard several loud voices, and then I heard what I recognized to be my brother Noah's voice shouting, "PAPA! PAPA!" Then, I heard a crash, followed by Malakai screaming. "What the heck is happening?" I thought. Screaming and crashing in my house is normal (LOL) but "PAPA PAPA?" This was getting strange. I walked out of my bedroom with a towel rapped around my waist, and saw to my surprise 4 things: Papa holding a screaming Kai, Noah crying into the couch, the previously full Catadyn filter laying in pieces on the floor, and water covering the floor, in someplace 3 inches deep. Papa, seeing me, yelled for me to come and help him dry the floor. I motioned towards the towel around my waist, indicating I was not fully dressed, and he nodded, understanding. I ran back into my bedroom, put some pants on, and ran right back out. Without thinking, I grabbed a towel and started trying to dry the floor. Do you know the saying "You can't bail water with a pitchfork"? Same concept. My towel suddenly was very heavy, and dripping water. Dodging siblings, I ran outside and squeezed the towel to get the water out. Hurrying back in, i tried again, but before I was successful in drying the least bit, my dad shouted over the screaming baby, "Use a broom! Noah, go get a squeegee!" We both did as we were told. Noah ran to the Institute to get a squeegee, but did not get back for 10 minutes. I got a broom, and was able to sweep some water out before it managed to get on the rug. Things calmed down from there, and I was joined by Isaiah and Ellie. Noah returned, and after 15 minutes of battling water, we were victorious. We all leaned on our broom sticks and surveyed the floor. It was nearly completely dry. "Time to bust out the towels, boys!" I said. We all grabbed towels, and after another 10 minutes, the floor was dry. "Good job!" Papa said. "Now lets eat!" He had been working on dinner, I realized. "Why didn't you help us?" I asked. " You didn't need it. " He said. I smiled, and we all sat down to eat dinner. Now, i realize that my dad trusted me to help clean up the mess, and had left me in charge. I love having trust like that. It makes a boy feel special.
P.S. I later learned that Malakai had been climbing on the water filter, and it had fell on him, with 20 liters of water inside of the tank. This water all fell out, but miraculously, Kai only suffered a small bruise on the top of his head.  The major damage was done to the filters, which cost A LOT..